The ultimate name for Banking, Bitcoins, and Money

Own the word, own the domain. "DEPOSIT" domain name is for sale.

Jan. 15th, 2016 -

In 2013, there were over $9,283 billion in total US deposits, and billions of dollars spent in advertising. Highly memorable and marketable, the domain is one of the most valuable properties put on the market in recent years. Almost 20 years old, the domain is one of the only remaining super premium domains not owned by big brands and ready to be the premium destination for any company operating or looking to enter banking/money industry.

Super premium domains like have proven time after time to enhance a brand's online presence, improve SEO, provide greater consumer trust and more. Companies who have already capitalized on the power of generic domain names include Bank of America (, American Express (, Citigroup (, Salesforce ( and many more. Descriptive, category owning domain names like in the financial industry have commanded some of the highest sales in history. Reported comparable sales to include ($1 million), ($2.45 million), ($700,000) and ($3.5 million). Financial companies spend billions of dollars a year advertising and this one-of-a-kind domain is a both a powerful branding asset for both short-term and long-term investing. As use of the internet and mobile devices continues to expand, more banks and online businesses are using the web to offer products and services or otherwise enhance communications with consumers.

Recent surveys have shown:

  • 36% of US consumers would open an account with a bank that is completely virtually

  • Consumers want personalized customer experiences from banks

  • 550 million people will use mobile banking services by 2016

  • Mobile finance advertising spending has rose by 520% in the past two years

  • Virtual currencies continue to gain popularity with 2015 slated to be the “year of bitcoin” according to many industry experts is the perfect name to attract the growing consumer demand for savings.

    "The word deposit offers a strong branding platform and its short length, spelling ease and global recognition provides the successful acquirer with instant name recognition - something which many companies often spend millions trying to create."